Walking is My Meditation


I’ve had enough of the drama. The ongoing arguments were eating into my soul each day I walked into that courtroom. Listening to horrific stories of children being molested by their parents can lead you trap in a negative existence. As a prosecutor delegated to advocate for these kids, what is my personal escape from all this?

In 2006, I began to find out there’s a way to preserve my sanity. Hiking came into my life. At first, it was merely an activity to occupy time. But slowly, I began to grasp its power and ultimate purpose. Weekends were dedicated to the outdoors. It was my way to advocate for myself - a rally towards my own sanity in a world full of chaos beyond everyone’s control. The parents who despised me were nowhere near me on the weekends. I was free for that brief space in time to think, feel and dream of pleasantries.

Meditation in walking came naturally. In the many miles I’ve hiked since 2006, walking became the way of life for me. It taught me grace, patience and authenticity. The solitude of walking alone allowed me to hear clearly the cries from my wounds that needed healing. It was an awakening that I too was traumatized as a child and that I didn’t differ at all from any of these children that I served for 15 years.

Meditation in walking graced me with the insight of love, for it is a choice after all. It isn’t taken from anybody. It’s a gift I gave to myself.

Meditation in walking was my wake up call. It saved me from the embrace of depression. It coerced me to face myself once and for all and pierce the veil of pretenses so I can learn to appreciate the person I’ve become.

Meditation in walking is the journey to the unknown that my spirit longed for unconsciously. It allowed for my old self to perish from life’s predictability so I can meet my new self on the edge of a cliff.

Meditation in walking brought me back to this child in me that I lost. It allowed me to play all day with my imagination and insatiable curiosity.

Meditation in walking is my way out of a world driven by egos - the systems and their players- fragmented and out of touch from reality.

Meditation in walking is simply being. It’s a means to discover mindfulness and presence in the moment.

Meditation in walking is the absence of fear. Or at the least, it’s the means of finding courage in the face of fear.

Meditation in walking is a cheap alternative to medicine. It’s the safest and the most natural method to healing.

Meditation in walking is the catalyst for change. Change starts with yourself and eventually it ends with the world.

Meditation in walking clears your head and opens your heart to all possibilities that you desire.

Meditation in walking is a long-term partner. It makes you insanely in love with the one you despise the most - yourself.

Walking is meditation. It’s the only time you and I are real.

Marinel DeJesusComment