Why You Should Hire Mountain Fanatics

While majority of the workforce spends the weekends relaxing in front of the television or reading a book or watching a movie, there’s a sector of the population that religiously go through the ritual of doing a long drive to the mountains, spending an entire day hiking or even hanging out in the vast wilderness the entire weekend from the moment the clock hits 5 p.m. on a Friday afternoon until the late hours of Sunday night. 

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Marinel DeJesus
Why Your 40s is the Best Time to Go on a Grand Adventure

Quit your career when you hit your 40s.  Seriously, quit it and take on some grand adventure.  Take  a break from it all and just indulge in guilt-free freedom.  I know. That sounds so against the norm.  After all, it makes more sense to tell you--

"don't quit your job, pretend you like it, pay your bills, and if you're single , then hurry, and find that partner!"

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Why I'm Not That Hot Gal on the Trail

As I entered the Longji Rice Terraces in the Yunnan Province of China for some spectacular hiking experience, I thought, “It’s irrelevant," referring to the notion of bringing make up and fixing my hair up, the way I normally did back in Washington, DC to dance the night away. Trekking, after all, is a MESSY business.

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