A Trekker's Manifesto

I am the author of my own story

I follow the path according to my heart's desire

Time does not dictate when it's game over

I can start anew anytime

I embrace my whole being, the good and the bad

I love myself unconditionally

I trust life

The world delivers at my will

I live to be free

Love is my guiding light

I live to expand and grow

I choose happiness

There is never a moment I take for granted

Because life is a privilege

I appreciate every second

of my existence

I rid myself of unnecessary  material possessions

To appreciate that LESS is MORE

Fear resides only in my imagination

Without hesitation I climb every peak before me

Life is "the adventure"

Now happening as we speak

I'm the author of my story

It's beautiful and surreal

Life stands before me with arms open wide

I'm love.  I'm joy.

I'm free.

Marinel DeJesusComment