My Gift Giving Guide: Give Nothing


I'm giving no gift to anyone this holiday season or for any holiday for that matter.  No gifts for friends, family, pets or myself.  Why not give the gift of nothingness?  Why not allow the holiday season to pass and shop nothing for all?

Because when you steer away from giving someone something tangible, they begin to wonder what else is there that they have with you.  And trust me, you want them to wonder.  So, while most of the articles you'll see repetitiously suggest you buy x, y, z for your loved ones, I'm suggesting you buy nothing.

In fact, I propose that for a change why don't we all just give each other the gift of "time."  Yes, time.  You heard me.  I know you're utterly busy. I get it. I am too. But I made sure to write this post because I feel it's important enough to emphasize the gift of nothingness amidst a slew of articles that propagate the notion of "BUY THIS, BUY THAT" so people around you feel good about your relationship with them.

No.  They should feel grateful to have you in their lives regardless of gifts.  They should be happy with your presence and the time you spend with them.  After all, relationships are not built on the items you give.  They are built on how you spend time with each other and creating moments.  Most often, these moments are far more superior when we give nothing.  Yes, nothing.  

But with nothing and time, you can still give them something.  Cook a meal. Paint a picture. Write a poem.  Take them hiking.  Take them traveling.  Experience is NOT nothing. It is something.  Experience cultivates natural human bonding and allows others to witness the deeper aspect of yourself - one that cannot be personified by a cashmere sweater or the latest gadget - the newness of which will wear off soon enough and render the moment of giving forgettable.  Plus, you would enrich the lives of your loved ones by the memories you create with them which will never tear or break like that sweater or gadget.

So, while you're busy reading all these guides on gift giving for your hiker friends or whatever kind of friends, pause for a moment.  Clear your gift cluttered mind and think NOTHING.  This may then lead you to this article about giving nothing.  You may just follow this unpopular advise and find yourself giving your loved ones intangible and priceless offerings - your time, presence and energy.  Are you able to do that?  Nothing is cheap but can be scary at times.  Isn't that a compelling reason to do it?

As a perk, this gift of nothingness can be shared with others any day of the year because it doesn't cost you much. You can even afford to give it to yourself - a good nap, a solo walk in the park or a nice cup of your favorite drink as you stare out into the window and watch the snow melt.  Just remember - giving a gift of nothingness to yourself is giving the gift of something to others.  Do nothing. Give nothing.  Think nothing.  Everyday.


Marinel DeJesus17 Comments