Episode 13: REALIZATIONS: Early Lessons as a Nomad


Realize that the potential in you is in you, not the outside world.

Realize that life is short. Seriously short. Take advantage of every minute to be you, not everyone else.

Realize that “no” is a redirection and never a failure. Go with the flow and you will never go wrong.

Realize that you’re the driver. Stop sitting in that back seat to let others drive you wherever they wish.

Realize your real purpose in life is not to find joy; but rather to be of service to others. Only then will joy find you.

Realize that acceptance of death is the start of life — it ignites in you the fire you need in order to live every moment as if it’s your last.

Realize that wisdom doesn’t come with age. It comes with experience. Start young as much as possible to become the wisest of them all.

Realize it’s never too late to start anything. Only death will stop you along the way, really.

Realize that living in the moment means not making too many plans for the future because whatever you plan to do outside of the present is just an illusion. It’s not real until that very future becomes your present.

Realize you are wasting your time living in the past. Forgive, let go and embrace what’s to come. The past is never gone. It merely evolved into something that becomes an element of your current joy.

Live, love, trek and climb that mountain. Stop waiting. You’re already on the journey.

Marinel DeJesus