the life happens on the move

book series is coming.

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Tales of a Brown Gal Trekker is a collection of travel essays and poetry as a reflection on Marinel's journey as a global mountain trekker over the past 15 years.  

This is a prelude to her upcoming Life Happens on the Move book series which tackles the role of fear in our lives and how in Brown Gal Trekker's world she made a conscious decision to overcome each and every fear that holds her back.  As a practicing attorney, quitting her stable legal career to become a nomad has been the most challenging decision for her to make.  How does one overcome the fear of taking that leap of faith?  What inspires someone to make such a radical shift in her life?  This introduction to her book series gives readers a glimpse of Brown Gal's psyche and unconventional approach to life.  The book further showcases photos in full color of places and mountains that inspired Brown Gal Trekker along the way.  Tales of a Brown Gal Trekker is available in Kindle and paperback versions.  Proceeds from the book will go towards the women empowerment projects via Peak Explorations.  

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